January 28, 2020

7 secrets of nutrition for children

Blog Health is obviously an ideal choice for you whether you want to learn more about a specific disease. Health care or healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury…Diversity foods

Some children only eat one type of food, parents can direct their child to the other food in the same group, but if they do not eat green vegetables, there will not be any difference. The menu each day needs to be adequate 5 groups of nutrition, one group is indispensable.

Balance the foods

Each food has a nutritional composition and each nutrient has clear regulations on the amount, less or more is not good.

If children eat things they like too much, less or do not eat things they do not like, despite the diversity of food, the rate of nutrients into the body may be broken the balance.

Therefore, pay attention to coordination between the same food group, such as coarse and fine, dark and pale, fish and poultry meat…

Eat on time

3 meals a day is a source of nutrition, basic energy for the body. Snacking not the time, close to the main meals affects the quality of nutritional intake of meals.

The snacks sold at school gates are not only nutritious, but mostly have issues of hygiene. At home, parents should prepare food for children after school, but the number is not too much to not affect the main meal.

Eat moderately

Total energy put into the body of 3 meals is divided as follows: 30% breakfast, 40% lunch, and the remaining is dinner. Do not eat or eat less at breakfast can affect physical health, reduce physical and affect the normal functioning of the brain.

Also, on holidays or parties, the families should eat moderately, not eat too much or too fast, otherwise it will affect the stomach, cause problems in the digestive tract.

Eat frugally

The rate of energy children need a day is as follows: one half from food, about 1/6 from protein, 1/4 from fat, the remaining in fiber, vitamins and minerals… Too much grease and sugar not only makes the body absorb too much energy but also increases the risk of many diseases of modern civilization such as hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease… In addition, oily foods are too sick and hard to digest, the lack of fiber will lead to constipation, gastritis…

Choose the right foods with physical

Food can feed but can also harm people, such as the kids in the heat relatively serious but like to eat fried dishes or goat hotpot, resulting in mouth ulcers or constipation. That is because the properties of the foods are inconsistent with the child’s physical.

Parents should understand the properties of foods to choose foods that fit the child’s physical, and have to rely on the weather to adjust.

Meals civilization

The environment of meals also needs quietness, creating good eating habits, soothing music can be beneficial to the good mood. When sitting at the table, parents can tell children stories about the foods or introduce nutritional values of food to stimulate the child’s dietary needs.

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