February 24, 2020

Super simple beauty tips

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In tough economic times, not everyone has the time and money in caring for beauty. However, there are things that are extremely useful in the beauty that not many people pay attention. Their high efficiency is no less than modern methods.

Whitening skin

To have one such beautiful skin as “baby’s skin” is the desire of many women. But very few people know rice water can do that. The rice water contains vitamin B5 very beneficial for the skin. Ladies should take advantage of this miracle method for beautycare.

When washing rice, you leave the first water and keep the second water with the amount equal to an eating rice bowl. Then wait until the rice water subsides, you keep the white powder below and drain off the above pure water.

Before using the rice water, you should wash your face with warm water and use the rice water just drained off to massage gently for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Note: before using, try rice water prior to the wrists and within 15 minutes in case you are allergic to rice water. Hard done this way every day, after 2 weeks, you will be amazed with your new skin.

Caring for eyes

You soak two cotton balls in rose water, squeeze out the water away. Then you lie down, close your eyes and put two pads on the eyes. This method works to soothe and relax the eyes.

Homemade mask to firm skin

Mix ½ gramflour teaspoon with water to form a slurry mixture. You apply the mixture on your face and wait for it to dry out and then rinse. This approach not only helps firm skin, but also helps remove dead cells.

Grapefruit seed helps hair care

Grapefruit seeds are good for beautycare and especially good for the hair. Once having finished eating grapefruit, remove grapefruit seed and gently wash (avoid washing too strong to lose the natural oils of grapefruit seed) and then drain off.

We soak grapefruit seed with warm water for about 30 minutes. This time we will get a thick mixture of grapefruit seed by mucus secretion and you can use to discharge your hair after every wash

Your keep your hair with a warm towel for about 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water – you will have one unexpected silky soft hair. Do it 1-2 times / week and after 3 weeks you will feel the difference.

The magic of beauty tips from water

The study showed that people who drank more water during the day would have a skin moisturized and the metabolism and energy balance in the body than those who drank less water during the day.

Apple is an effective way for beauty care

Just an apple in the morning or afternoon, this is the fruit will make you fuller longer because it contains a lot of water. Apple also has pectin, which helps prevent the excess of sugar in the blood. Apple is your companion to have an ideal waistline.

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