February 24, 2020

6 Morning Habits of Naturally Thin People

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These are some simple morning habits of  naturally thin people that may make it easier for you to lose weight.

1.Early sunbathingin the morning.

According to Nortthwestern University, people who exposed to moderately bright light in the morning have sighnificantly lower BMIs than the ones who get their light exposure later in the day. Morning light exposure affects directly 20% of an individual’s BMI. Lack of sunlight can de-synchronize your internal body clock, altering metabolism and leading to weight gain. Therefore, 20 to 30 minutes in a day exposing to the morning light is enough to affect on individuals’ BMIs.

2.Butter the bottom of toast.

People who are overweight have tendency to feel hungry and try to eat anytime they can. Thus, the key to lose weight is to eat food which makes people feel full for a long time. Devin Alexander, chef and host of FitTV’s Heathy Decadence told that when people butter the bottom of toast and salt the bottom of the potato rounds, it can help them with weight loss. It really hits their tongue and they can actually taste more of it.

 3.Drink water with right glassware

Some scientists in Cornell University found that when drinking, participants tend to pay attention to the height of the liquid in the glass and drink 25 to 30 percent of it or more. Therefore, people should use a tall and thin glass so that it may reduce the amount of sugar and calories from the drink.

4.Eat breakfast with high protein food

A research presented at Obesity Society indicated that women  consumed about 100 fewer calories when they had breakfast from sausage and eggs to those who ate breakfast with low-protein pancake. Eating breakfast with high protein food can activate the body’s signals that curb appetite, reduce food cravings and prevent overeating.

5.Get moving in the morning before breakfast.

A research in a Journal of Physiology study which investigated 2 groups of people showed that those who exercised after breakfast gain weight faster than those who did exercies before breakfast. Researchers say that doing exercies before eating encourages the body to burn more fat for energy. Doing exercies before breakfast also helps people refresh their  mind and be relaxed for a working day.

6.Meditate  a few minutes in the morning.

Focusing on the breath for a few minutes in the morning has positive effect on people’s body and spirit. A research at Brown University with 400 people showed that  people who spend more time on meditating were 34 percent likelier not to be obese and held a pound more of fat in their bellies. Some minutes on meditating each morning will help individuals be more aware of their thoughts, reduce the negative emotions caused by eating too much.

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