January 28, 2020

Individual Life Insurance Plans

Over the years, many people refer to life insurance through one lens, as a necessary hedge in the event of your death to help ensure that the heirs to his wife, to cover personal loans or commercial loans, life insurance, etc. some just checked the off option as one of the “benefits” received through an employer, and no further thought should be given even in such remote possibilities as your neighbor.

Recently, however, some consultants recommend that life insurance is viewed as “investments”. Why? In particular, due to the instability in the stock market as shares (ie, stocks) are going up and down based on seemingly nothing more than the emotions of the investor, his concern about the portfolio, especially the pension portfolio decreased to almost nothing.

Some politicians, however, even if they have invested in the market carry with them certain basic protections, etc. Of course, the investor (in this case, the life insurance policy owner) to pay for these guarantees in the form of fees and charges, but that may be the price some investors are willing to sacrifice in exchange for protecting the “nest egg”.

Such life insurance as an investment way to go?

The answer is that if you are looking for Whole life only as a way to heirs, you are often better by buying long-term policy in an amount that will cover basic expenses (discuss this with your advisor). Such policies are often the most cost-effective.

If you are looking for investment to protect part of your portfolio of insurance may not be the most cost-effective solutions. There are exceptions, though, in terms of planning and real estate gifting-for which insurance can be excellent tools for the protection of property that one plans to pass along the crown (that is, part of its portfolio, that you will not need access to income.)

Typically, those who can benefit from insurance as strategic planning for real estate are those who have real estate above the federal exclusion amount (currently, this amount is $ 3,500,000). When such property is transferred, together, is estimated estate tax 55%. However, if part of the property / portfolio in the constant whole life policy, paid on the death of the owner, the beneficiaries are not taxed on the portion of real estate.

Another use for such permanent life insurance ‘granting’ – are passing part of your estate to charity or a particular heir, making it the formation of a beneficiary a life insurance policy.

If you do not fall into one of these categories, for example, if your property is not higher than three and a half million mark-this insurance as an investment is not for you? You may find that the wealth transfer strategies and estate planning (for any size real estate) may take the wise use of life insurance policies. Should talk with your advisor.

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