January 28, 2020

A Few Little Known Truths You Must Understand About The Markets Renowned Big Brand Anti Aging Skin Products

If you are a regular consumer of anti aging skin products, there’s one marketing message that will have been burned into your consumer psyche. That the more expensive a skin care product is, the better and more effective it is.

You’ve heard this message time and time again. It’s a generally accepted fact right? Do you believe it?

Because the truth is the luxury ‘big-brand’ skin care companies do not and cannot give you the most effective anti aging skin care formulas.

Now, before you start screaming ‘hogswollop’ please let me tell you why I’m saying this.

First up we all know that the leading and famous skin care companies have HUGE organizational structures and highly complex supply-chain/distribution set-ups. So, the first thing we need to keep in mind is that the logistics of producing a brand new formula and sending it to tens of thousands of counters worldwide is a seriously complicated undertaking.

Therefore, it’s all about TIME! The companies need very lengthy lead in times to circulate a new formula/product. Generally speaking, a two year lead in period is what they need!! Unlike smaller ‘lean’ companies, when a brand new ingredient breakthrough or innovation comes along, the big brand name companies can’t merely reformulate and get a new product to market inside a handful of months. It’s just not doable!

This is the simple reason of why luxurious ‘elite’ brand anti aging skin care products are not up to date and therefore are not based on the most efficient skin care science currently available.

(Of course they rely on complex and classy marketing to set up an illusion that they are!)


All anti aging skin care product companies recognize what consumers demand these days from an effective anti aging skin product. It must (tangibly) diminish the noticeable signs of aging by addressing some vital factors:

* Reduce/diminish fine lines and those much dreaded wrinkles

* Seek out sun damage – age spots, freckles and discolorations/blotches

* Firm up the skin and augment elasticity

By and large, create a plainly visible more youthful appearance

The elite brand name companies in particular go to huge lengths and expenditure to educate us on the latest, most sophisticated skin rejuvenation technology which can accomplish these product goals. (This expense helps to escalate the purchase cost of their products !)

For instance, ask any female skin care purchaser below the age of 50 about the newest anti aging skin care product science and they’ll tell you in so many words that it involves a 3 split methodology:

* Tackle the loss of collagen and elastin via ingredients that boost the levels of these

* Increasing lower levels of hyaluronic acid using proven ingredients to heighten hyaluronic acid levels

* Reduce the harmful effects of oxidation from the action of free radical by using powerful antioxidant ingredients to counterbalance the damaging effects of free radicals

So, even though they smugly educate us that these are the three cutting edge scientific ‘basics’ required to correctly tackle the causes of skin aging, do the expensive big brand name products truly have highly effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients to deal with ALL THREE?

The answer is absolutely “NO”! It’s that simple folks. No, No, NO, NO!

For the reasons I listed above they can’t afford to tackle all three. A simple evaluation of their active ingredients highlights that they typically aim at just one and in the best case scenario, ‘two’, of the causes of skin aging!

To understand the full consequences of this you must be aware that these primary causes of skin aging are INTERRELATED and Mutually dependent on one another so unless you address all three of them (at the same time) you will not be successful with your anti aging approach.

The bottom line therefore when evaluating the ‘effectiveness’ perspective of any anti aging skin care treatment, is to make certain a product includes clinically proven ingredients which tackle ALL THREE causes of skin aging.

NOW, that’s just for starters. There are effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients and then there ARE exceedingly effective ‘anti aging’ ingredients! Therefore, if you’re really serious about your anti aging efforts AND look forward to excellent value for the money you spend, you should cautiously consider the ‘EXTENT OF EFFECTIVENESS’ of the ‘anti aging’ ingredients used in an anti aging skin care product!

This is where the influential brand companies have things to suppress. They are affected by cost heavy marketing and distribution as well as their enormous cost ineffective organizational set-ups. They are also under great pressure (ie. GREED) by shareholders and stakeholders to generate better bottom line earnings.

So, even though they manage to include some ‘proven’ anti aging ingredients (which will be up to 2 years ‘old’ and are no longer the ‘most effective’ choices) and in spite of the fact that their formulas do not address all three causes of skin aging, their cost/profit pressure and the fact that they manufacture products to a pre-determined price, means that they can onlly include the key anti aging ingredients in EXTREMELY MINUTE QUANTITIES.

What is commonplace and rather prevalent in the skin care industry is to include an effective, proven ingredient for which a label statement can be made but include it in minute quantities!

In other words, the ingredient quantities used are nowhere close to the levels at which the ingredient has been shown effective in clinical research.

If for example, the most effective results were created with a 3% concentration then that is what a skincare company should use. Rather, we see companies putting in 0.2% rather than 3% so that legally they can make a label claim.

The remainder of the formula is customarily water, glycerine and other ingredients to create the cream.

Keep in mind – skin care products do not list the dose amounts of their active ingredients!


The diminutive concentrations of active ingredients used in luxury brand products make it impossible for those products to achieve the complete span of their marketing claims for the bulk of users. By keeping any ‘product result experiment groups’ very small and then marketing product benefits in a generalized, non measurable way, the big brand name companies are able to ‘conjure up and control an illusion of the truth.

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying that you can’t achieve significant ‘real’ anti aging benefits from an elite brand anti aging skin care product! What I want to stress however is that those results are not the most effective possible (from a clinical/scientific standpoint) and they present incredibly inferior value with their grossly over-inflated price tags.

The established ‘elite’ brand anti aging skin care creams and serums are not priced in line with the expense of creating them but instead at the very peak price point the market will stand. Paying in the area of $70, $80, 00 and beyond is in actual fact wasting money – it’s simply not necessary to part with this kind of money in order to get the results you’re expecting. The other decisive issue to take into account with elite brand name skin care products is their safety. This is a fundamental subject to be aware of and it’s something the majority of companies (including the elite brands) go to great lengths to keep from you.


The safest and clinically most effective anti aging skin care products are formulated and sold by significantly smaller medium sized companies, who, for the most part you’re unlikely to be familiar with (unless you’re in the know!) That’s basically because they don’t have or rely on mammoth marketing budgets like the famous elite brands do to generate enormous marketing reach.

Instead, their marketing philosophies are based on word of mouth from delighted consumers and they are selling direct to the customer through the internet only. This represents the most cost effective business paradigm presently available. By avoiding costly marketing and distribution methodologies they are capable of channeling enormous savings back into their products.

This means:

The most up-to-date, most effective breakthrough active ingredients

In scientifically effective dose amounts

The use of (far more costly) all natural ingredients and full avoidance of chemical based ingredients

On top of this comes one last key issue -and this is what drives the best skin care companies to the top of the pack. They keep their profit margins down and create a purchase prices in line with the expense of producing them. (In simpler terms, they accept a reasonable profit because they’re not greedy!)


In this post I’ve referred alot about the ‘most effective’ anti aging skin care products ingredients. These are obviously what we all want to know about. So, with this in mind, in my next post I’m going to talk about the:


The ‘Big Three’ are the most up-to-date breakthrough anti aging ingredients! The clinical studies backing them, particularly in respect of stimulating collagen and elastin regrowth and for building up hyaluronic acid levels, are excellent. That’s why they’re known in the industry as the ‘Big Three’!

My spies in the skin care industry tell me that the elite brand companies are, as we speak, gearing up to create new anti aging skin care based around the ‘Big Three’.

The anti aging skin care product which I use at the center of my own anti aging regime already contains the ‘Big Three’. The bottom line of why I selected to use this particular product is precisely because it does contain the ‘Big Three’ and in the EXACT concentrations established in the successful clinical studies.

‘Xtend-Life’ is the name of the company who produces it. Their set-up falls in line with the cost effective organizational/production criteria I listed above. A lean, flexible, medium sized (family owned) company, selling direct to the consumer VIA THE INTERNET ONLY. There are no shareholders or venture capitalists associated with the company and so on. That’s basically how they are able to sell these highly effective cell rejuvenation anti aging skin care products at a half to a third of the price of the famous big-brand name skin care creams and serums.

The chairman of Xtend-Life told me that they employ a leading German cosmetic chemist heading their R & D. Unlike most companies, who set their research staff a upper limit amount that they may use for each 100 grams of product, Xtend-Life did not place any such limitations. The end result of this guiding principle is that the costs of Xtend-Life’s raw ingredients are as much as 3 times those of some of the famous elite brands. BUT their marketing and distribution strategy gives them the room to absorb this and roll out the most effective anti aging skin care products currently available.

The Xtend-Life business strategy is simple and spot on (if only all skin care companies would share the same vision):

It is to formulate and manufacture the most effective anti aging skin care cream formulas in line with the latest skin care science, and then offer outstanding value for money by keeping profit margins low and fair! ( As a result there is no enticement for other companies to try and duplicate their product formulas.)

On the issue of medium sized skin care companies, like Xtend-Life, I can tell you there are other extremely good manufacturers out there who currently use one or two of the ‘Big Three’ anti aging ingredients AND at the optimal clinical dose amounts – but I know of none that combine multiple actives in a synergistic way like the Xtend-Life skin care formulas have … in other words none that have the same level of active ingredients in their finished product.

Xtend-Life apply more than 40 active ingredients in their anti aging skin care products. All of which are safe enough to eat (ALL COMPLETELY NATURAL – DEFINITELY NO CHEMICALS), and proven in clinical trials to be TRULY EFFECTIVE!

Good health!

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